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Y Strainer Cast Iron PN 16


Standard and Aplication
1. Flange and according to BS 4504 PN10/16 or ANSI B16.1 PRESSURE 125, or design according to DIN3204-F1, FLANGE end to 25 01 PN10/16.
2. Mainly for water, steam, oil and neutral liquids
3. Painted with liquid painting or coated with powder epoxy.

Pressure Test
Working pressure 125PSI/16 bars/ 10 bars
Test pressure shell 250PSI/24 bars/ 15 bars

Part List (Parts and materials)
Body and Cover (Cast iron BS1452 220/ASTM A 126 B/GG25)
Screen (Stainless Steel SS. 304 or SS. 316)
Slow off (Malleable Iron)
Gasket (Flexible Graphite)
Bolts/Nuts (Steel)

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